Hökerum Bygg in brief

We are a Swedish family business founded in 1968. Our head office is located in Ulricehamn (around 100 km east of Gothenburg). We currently operate in three areas: we build owner-occupied apartments, carry out design and build contracts, and let apartments and premises in Ulricehamn and Borås, West Sweden. Today we have around 90 employees and an annual production of around 500 apartments.

Although these are different activities, our starting point is always the same: a quality philosophy we call Safe Construction. It is about working in a safe and efficient way by following procedures and experience. And this is how we operate today – every day.

Our projects use a well-tried construction method that nearly always starts with a prefabricated concrete frame. We then refine the details and install kitchens and bathrooms on site. This gives us a safe construction environment in which everyone knows what to do and is confident about how to carry it out.

The same philosophy applies to our choice of materials. This is the reason we build in concrete. It results in damp-proof buildings and the inorganic material prevents the growth of mildew. (Concrete also ensures that the buildings are sound and heat insulating.)

Safe Construction is a method in which we have confidence. It is about procedures and experience rather than short-termism and rapid decisions. Naturally we are constantly working to improve and refine our method – but we never change anything until we are 110 per cent confident of a positive result. We prefer to wait and see, creating security for everyone.

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Hökerum Bygg
Boråsvägen 15C
SE-523 37 Ulricehamn

Tel: +46 321 278 40
Fax: +46 321 278 49
Email: viktor@hokerumbygg.se

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